Beards & Baseball | Love it or hate it?

Posted on April 01, 2014 by Julian van der Tak

Over the years and across all sports, players have colorfully entertained Americans with their flair and personality. When it comes to beards and sports it’s not exactly a new phenomena. Playoff beards have been a long-standing tradition in the National Hockey League, but in recent decades the fad has become increasingly popular across the sporting world namely in baseball. Seemingly, the appearance of burly facial hair represents the character of players, at least in the public eye and it’s thought to provide a sense of camaraderie among teammates. Does team beard growing work to build togetherness and morale among a team, especially during a post-season run? We think it must. So if we want a winning team, does this mean the end of our clean cut American men or is this just a passing trend? We went to the streets to find out what locals think. Beards and baseball...Love it or hate it?

“My boyfriend is the baseball fanatic, so I can’t really comment there. But I think beards are kinda sexy, so it makes it a bit easier to watch!”

– Camille, DC

 “Well, as a sports fan of most sports but not all I kinda like it. Playoffs/post-season tends to be more intense and interesting so I’m more likely to watch games during those times and it adds an entertainment value; as silly as that sounds. As you mentioned, it’s really only an American sports thing...”

– Fred Bell, Baltimore

 “Well I’m not particularly into baseball, but I do think for those watching that the beards add a great amount of entertainment value.”

Mark, DC

 “Me loves!”

– Sally Holton, DC 

“Beards are not a new trend in baseball or hockey.”

– Chuck, Burlington, VT 

“Everyone is trying to look like one another...just another passing trend which will die off. What happened to individualism? Makes me think of [my grandfather] growing his beard just until the first deer is who the hell started that custom? Also you would think that while playing sports in the heat and outdoors, the last thing you would want is some hot sweaty, nasty, itchy beard on your face...”

– Marianne, Bethesda 

“Gross... Hairy... Unnecessary.”

– Julie Nicol Vidh, DC 

“As you can see, the hairier the better.”

– Guy Brussat, DC

 “I can talk hockey beards – which I love – but otherwise I’m useless. Baseball is icky”.

- Léa, Philadelphia

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