Blending the Past & Present: A New Home for Catoctin Creek Distilling Company

Catoctin Creek Bottles

By Michael McCarthy, Photos by Kimberley McCarthy Distilling has a long history in this country, and in nearby Purcellville, Virginia, Scott Harris and his wife Becky are simultaneously re-writing the rules while preserving the past. Scott and Becky are the owners of Catoctin Creek Distilling Company. The original facility opened in 2009 and brought distilling… read more »

Tiki Drinks: From Exotic to Classy

Tiki Header

As June signals the official start of summer, many Washingtonians will be happy to welcome its arrival with backyard barbecues, weekend trips to the shore and local bars opening up their outdoor patios. For me at least, the official start of beach season is signaled with a tropical umbrella drink. Nothing quite says summer like… read more »

Gilgamesh Review and Bar Crawl

Gilgamesh_final_art 5by7 (3)

Story and bar photos by Justin Acklen Dating back to the dawn of history, Gilgamesh is considered to be the world’s oldest written story. Constellation Theatre has certainly done justice to this sprawling epic of violence, sex and redemption with stunning choreography, a unique live soundtrack and expert performances all around. A stage adorned with… read more »

Drink Like Gatsby

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Media

By Rebecca Thorsen Many of us feel a deep affection for the Jazz Age. Every aspect of the resplendent era is gleaming, glistening, glittering and dripping in champagne. It represents an exciting time of transition where old perceptions and social norms were crushed by the booming of loud jazz and trampled on by the quick… read more »

Bacardi Oakheart: Warming Up with Hot Rum Drinks


When most people think of rum, they conjure up visions of tiki drinks with a tiny umbrella at the beach, or perhaps a fruity rum punch served on a hot summer evening. Since most rum is produced in tropical countries, it seems that rum and warm weather go hand-in-hand. But as Washington slugs its way… read more »

Eggnog: A History of the Yuletide Libation


Christmas is right around the corner, which can only mean one thing: ‘tis the season for holiday libations. Wassail, hot toddies, cider, and cocoa always hit the spot during chilly December, evoking visions of sugarplums and chestnuts roasting over open fires. But perhaps no drink signals the advent of the Yuletide more than eggnog –… read more »

Jameson Black Barrel: A New Face on a Familiar Friend

Photos courtesy of Jameson

I met Leon on Inauguration Day in 2009 in a warm, greasy dive bar in southeast Washington, DC.  He was sitting alone and leaning over a Pabst’s Blue Ribbon can when a friend of mine made the mistake of disturbing him.  Following a brief, heated “discussion” between the two of them regarding war experience, race… read more »

Hennessy and Futura: A Very Special Collaboration

Photo Courtesy of PMG Media Group

Hennessy and notorious street artist, Futura, have collaborated to present Hennessy Very Special, Limited Edition. The cognac remains the same but it will be sold in bottles with a new label, created by Futura. Agnes Greenidge, Hennessy’s Southeast Regional Marketing Mamager, said of the partnership, “It’s a collaboration of both [the artist and Hennessy]. Hennessy… read more »

A. Smith Bowman Distillery

Photo Courtesy of A. Smith Bowman Distillery

I met Truman Cox an hour ago, and he’s already breaking one of his own laws: “When you drink bourbon with a friend, the bourbon should never be older than the friendship.” I ask him if this means that moonshine should be a staple of first dates. Sitting in his Fredericksburg, Virginia office, I am… read more »

Caipirinha: Celebrate National Rum Day with this Authentic Brazilian Cocktail

Courtesy of Leblon Cachaca

Very few songs are so closely associated with a place the way that “Girl from Ipanema” is with sexy and sunny Rio de Janiero.  Just by humming a few bars, listeners can transport themselves to the breathtaking Ipanema beach, lined with open-air bars and sidewalk cafés where the beautiful and scantily clad Cariocas (residents of… read more »